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Warm Winds Surf Shop,- Located just around the corner from the Narragansett Town Beach,  Narragansett, Rhode Island. We carry every thing you need for your ultimate surf experience! We stock over 300 Surfboards from TOP Manufacturers, all made in the USA!  Short boards, Long boards, Fun boards, Hybrids, Fishes, Retro Fishes, Retro Single Fins and Retro Long boards.


Choose from our vast stock of surfboards made by Rusty, Channel Islands, Sharp Eye, Local Motion, Hawaiian Island Creations, Wave Riding Vehicles, Kane Garden, Rip Curl, Infinity, Bruce Jones, Gordon& Smith, Dewey Weber, Velsy, Surfboards Hawaii, Donald Takayma, Ricky Carroll, Robert August, Stewart, Becker, Channin or Siren. If youre not sure which board would be right for you, we will help you with your selection based on your height, weight, and Surfing ability.  

If youre looking for a strong lightweight epoxy board, we carry those too!  We carry a complete selection of Surftech boards in both Tuflite and Wood Veneer! In many long board and short board styles.

Beginner surfers learn the basics from our line of BZ and Surface Elite soft surfboards. When you feel youre ready to step up the board, but not the cost, we can have you Surfing in style on a new NSP (New Surf Project) or a South Point Epoxy Board. Great shapes, strong, and yet inexpensive. If you still want another inexpensive alternative, check out our line of Foam/Fiberglass Boards from Blue or Modern at Warm Winds Surf Shop.

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