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Welcome to Vero Classic Ballet, Vero Beach, Florida, United States. The Vaganova techique is widely recognized as the most comprehensive method of teaching Classical Ballet.
Mme. Vaganova (1879-1951) danced at the Maryinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia under the directorship of Marius Petipa (the father of Classical Ballet.) While she was known as the "Queen of the variation" she was continually frustrated in her career. Remarkably, she only achieved the title of "Ballerina" one year before she retired in 1916. She blamed this in large part to the haphazard and ineffective teaching methods of her time. Thus, she set out to develop an incomparable method of teaching. She sought to combine the strength and agility of the Italian school with the plastique and elan of the French school. By the mid 1930's she had created a technique that was producing outstanding results. Her dancers were known for their amazing and seemingly contradictory qualities: incredible strength, suppleness, pliancy, expressiveness, and the all important "iron aplomb" (the ability of a dancer to maintain a strong vertical axis).
Besides an illustrious method, we believe that there are other important attributes to excellence in training dancers. We focus on the student's strengths while teaching them to overcome their weaknesses. In addition, at Vero Classic Ballet, Vero Beach, Florida, we treat each student as an individual. We strive to learn their temperament as we have found that by learning their emotional characteristics we can find the best means of maximizing the student's potential.
While the Vaganova Technique is our principal method of teaching, we do not use it to the exclusion of all others. We regularly incorporate and discuss Bournonville Technique and Balanchine Technique in our classes among others.

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