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Antwerp has an excellent reputation in the field of fashion and food. Cities like London, Paris and Amsterdam have been considered the trendsetters for many years, but these days â?¦
Antwerp is presenting itself with a vengeance! During the past decade our Belgian fashion designers and musicians have become renowned and popular all over the world. Quite logically, all these new ideas and trends will pop up in the culinary â??places to beâ?? of this flourishing city.
â??Velvet Loungeâ?? is without doubt a trendsetter here. This unique Restaurant, situated near the filled-in docks in the hippest part of Antwerp, offers a menu that looks like a culinary travel guide. The multicultural â??Fusion Kitchenâ??, in combination with pleasant chill music, a mixture of ethnic and mystic sounds, adds a dimension to the word â??foodâ??.
At night, you can continue travelling around the world while you are enjoying the most trendy lounge and jazz music, Cuban cigars or a delicious caipirinha.

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