Upstalsboom Hotel in Ahrenshoop, Nordvorpommern, Germany | Hotel

Upstalsboom Hotel - Nature lives at the sea and living under a natural thatch roof releases the head from everyday matters of minor importance and gives to the visitor a completely special strength and peace.

In the pictorial Upstalsboom Hotel Ahrenshoop the traveler can find himself while being surrounded by the stunning Baltic Sea. Here surrounded by impressive views, one quickly understands, why so many artists in Ahrenshoop established themselves.

And if the special flair of the Upstalsboom Hotel keeps you imprisoned and the excellent kitchen of the Hotels own restaurant crowns the evening, then the last guest knows, what it means to vacation at the Mecklenburgian Baltic Sea: Fill up with soul balm and draw new strength at the Upstalsboom Hotel.

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Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 69 - 71
04921 / 8997-0
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