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The University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, was established in 1898 – during the heyday of St.Gallen embroidery – as a "Commercial Academy", while lectures were started in 1899. The University's proximity to practice and an integrative view have characterized the University of St. Gallen ever since its foundation. Today, it is among Europe's leading business universities. The education it provides has earned it the international seals of approval.
In 2001, the University of St.Gallen integrally introduced Bachelor's and Master's courses and simultaneously subjected its education to radical reforms. Since then, education in the various subject groups has been complemented with fields of study that enhance personality development. The Bachelor's programs convey a broadly-based fundamental knowledge and enable graduates to take up a career or continue their studies at the Master's level. In the Master's programs, students extend their knowledge both theoretically and practically. Doctoral and Ph.D. programs enable students to start an academic career. The University of St.Gallen, has about 130 partnerships for exchange semesters with leading business universities worldwide. There are also opportunities to obtain double degrees.
The University of St.Gallen, provides a wide range of executive education: postgraduate courses, seminars, courses, in-house seminars.
The University of St.Gallen, is not only well-known for its basic research but also for its applied research for direct implementation.

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