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Another first at Tiger Moth World - our "Super Tiger" is the only one in Australia!

This magical vintage, open cockpit bi-plane has been designed to cope with those thrill seekers who want more than just a straight & level Tiger flight along our beautiful coastline.

So, strap yourself in and enjoy the view and the adrenalin pumping ride  - choose from "mild", "wild" or "EXTREME" aerobatics! So, if you think you or your friend have "been there & done that" - think again! You haven't experienced the ultimate adrenalin pumping "Extreme Aerobatics" in our Super Tiger!

Or, if you still prefer to stay "level headed" - stick to our ever popular "straight & level" scenic flight.

Because our "Super Tiger" Tiger Moth has only just arrived at it's new home in Torquay, we haven't had a chance to get some more pics up on the website. Please be patient, they'll be here shortly!

Whichever flight you choose, from liftoff to touchdown, you will wing your way along the beach and cliff tops - one of the most spectacular views in the world! And, because we are located right on the coast at Torquay, your flight will be at low level over the beach to take in our magnificent coastal scenery. The hardest choice is "which way do you fly" ... along the world famous Great Ocean Road to Bells Beach or beyond. Or, along the rolling sand dunes toward Pt. Lonsdale and the awesome Rip Passage and across to Sorrento. See our full price list for all the options.

We're here just to make you happy! The team at Tiger Moth World are waiting to "make your day!" We don't operate on any set flight schedule  - we will book your flight at a time and day to suit you.

We are open every day (except Christmas day) from 10-5. Other times may be available by prior arrangement.

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