The Sun Inn in Tenby, Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom | Restaurant | Karaoke Disco Bar

Maria, Brent and the Team welcome you to The Sun Inn, Tenby, UK Regions United Kingdom.
Since taking over this Karaoke Disco Bar in 2005 their goal is to always look for continuous improvement. The most noticeable area is the Restaurant where Maria has transformed the menu and applied attention to detail on service and delivery.
The customers tell them that the 'Sunday Lunch is the best in Tenby'
The Sun Inn is Tenby's premier Karaoke Disco Bar.
The Restaurant has recently been decorated both inside and out to create a warm environment for all guests.
Working with one of Pembrokeshire leading Wine suppliers, The Sun Inn now stocks a wide range of exciting wines for you to enjoy, either with a meal or to share with a friend.
More and more we recognise that as part of our "Real" Customer Promise, we need to ensure that our food is made from the best locally sourced produce wherever possible. For that reason, we have carefully selected suppliers for our ingredients.
With over 1300 songs to choose from at The Sun Inn, Tenby, UK Regions, there is something for everyone. The DJ's strive to make everyone a star!
There are Discos every Friday and Saturday night where you can sit down and relax, dance with your friends or just stand in the bar and soak up the atmosphere.
And finally, no menu is complete without a selection of good quality tea and coffee. Choose from a range of teas or enjoy a "freshly brewed" coffees - each mug is prepared from beans ground at the very last minute to give the freshest coffee possible.
Choose from Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino or Latte. And if you're in a rush, all our hot drinks are available "to go" in disposable cups with lids!

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24 High Street TENBY Pembrokeshire,
United Kingdom
01834 845941
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Karaoke Disco Bar
Locally Sourced Produce
Good Music
Over 1300 Songs
Sunday Lunch Is The Best
Attention To Detail
Freshly Brewed Coffees