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Welcome to Steakology, Steakhouse, Mooresville, United States. Ask a Texan to tell you what they do better than folks from other parts of the country and you better pull up a chair because they're going to be talking for a while.

But even if your roots don't extend to Dallas, or Houston, or El Paso or Amarillo or anyplace else in Texas, you'll have to admit that there's one thing Texans do that beats the pants off of anywhere else: Cook a great steak. Nobody's quite sure when it started. Perhaps it came from the cowboys and ranchers who had to spend more than a few dinners over a glowing campfire with a great piece of meat. Whatever the origin, all we know is that an open flame and a succulent piece of beef still make it a hard to beat meal.

That's the inspiration behind our name, and behind the way we prepare our steaks. Each and every one gets cooked up the way they've always done it in Texas. Over a flame. Tender and juicy. And with real mesquite wood chips in our grill to add just the right touch of true Texas flavor and authenticity to every bite.

Welcome to Steakology, Texas Steakhouse & Saloon, Mooresville. You might be hundreds of miles from one of those ranches right now. But soon your taste buds will be deep in the heart of Texas.

Buying the perfect cut of beef is only half the battle. We'll teach you how to cook it, season it and even what to serve with it. So before you throw a piece of meat on the backyard grill, use this site to perfect your results. It's our little way of making sure you enjoy a delicious steak, even if you're not at a Steakology, Texas Steakhouse & Saloon.

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