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Welcome to Stacja de Luxe Pub, one of the most exciting additions to the gastro scene in Gdansk, Poland.    Stacja de Luxe Pub is a hot spot which positively oozes originality.  The inspiration, as evidenced by tables propped up by motorbike wheels and the odd Alaskan number plate, may be 1970s American gas stations, but the overall effect of the curved chairs, gleaming metalwork and red plastic is more 'futuristic chic' with a touch of louche Bohemian.  Compliment the decadent decor of Stacja de Luxe Pub with a decent menu and excellent cocktail list and you've got plenty of reason for stopping by to refuel at the best station in Gdansk.
Stacja de Luxe Pub offers cool cuisine, a range of music choices and high-octane beverages.
Stacja de Luxe Pub is neither a club nor a Pub, and neither a discotheque nor a restaurant, it is only a station, station deluxe.  Fill up with booze in the place where in communist times people fuelled their ridiculously small cars with leaded petrol.  Now you’d better leave your machine at home (though the square in front of the Station could accommodate some of those vehicles) as the beverages served by our staff are truly high-octane.
Stacja de Luxe Pub is the ideal stopover for breakfast (we’re open from 9 a.m.) as well as evening meals (the kitchen works until midnight). In the meantime, there’s time for tasty and healthy soups ( for instance, the delicious Fish Deluxe), pasta, dumplings, pancakes, salads and tapas.  Last but not least, try our signature dishes,  sirloin in honey stuffed with garlic, trout with spinach and pork knuckles (two of them) with old Polish vodka. A real feast not to be missed.

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ul. Grunwaldzka 22
Pomeranian Voivodeship
+48 (58) 3450005
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