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Welcome to Snoopy's Home Ice, Santa Rosa, California, United States. Snoopy's Home Ice is at the Redwood Empire Ice Arena, Santa Rosa, California, is truly the most beautiful Ice Arena in the world. The Arena opened on April 28th, 1969 with a gala event starring the 1968 Olympic Gold Medallist Peggy Fleming and the The Vince Guaraldi trio. Just as with this opening ceremony so it has been for its entire history, the Redwood Empire Ice Arena has stood for quality. Its one-of-a-kind owner, the creator of Snoopy, Charles M. Schulz, only makes this one-of-a-kind facility possible.
Mr. Schulz's then wife, Joyce, acted as project manager in the building of the ice arena. She was intimately involved in construction and d├ęcor decisions. Photo murals of the Swiss countryside were researched by her on a trip to Switzerland. They line the walls of the ice arena along with finely crafted replicas of Swiss houses in relief, and life size trees. Joyce made all construction decisions and oversaw the progress of the ice arena from start to finish.
In a matter of hours the building can be converted into a concert theater, seating 3,000 patrons. The arena has produced a myriad of events from concerts starring Liberace, Bill Cosby, Crystal Gayle, Helen Reddy, Bob Newhart, Beatlemania, and many others, to symphonic presentations, by the Santa Rosa Symphony, and the San Francisco Symphony. The arena's production story only begins with the concert list. There were also special events like the Senior Ladies Tennis Tournaments starring: Billie Jean King, and Rosie Casals; special Gala Dinner Dances; Regional and Sectional Figure Skating Championships; the annual Crystalline Classic Competition; the annual Snoopy's Senior World Hockey Tournament which yearly brings in 64 teams from around the world; and the arena's own annual professional Holiday Ice Show.

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