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Since 1983, the Santos Commercial Association has been offering courses in coffee classification and tasting at the Santos Coffe Classification School, Santos, Brazil. The courses were started and administered by Eduardo Serrachioli, popularly known as Professor Dada, who has vast technical experience as a professor with the State Ministry, of Agriculture.

In the beginning, the courses at the Santos Coffee Classification School were mainly attended by Brazilian trainees working with brokers, roasters, and exporters. As news of the course has spread via exporters and others to their contacts abroad, there has been an increased attendance by participants from foreign coffee firms. With the death of Professor Dada in 1996, the course is now administered by Jose Santos Teixeira, who has a background of 38 years as a coffee classifier.

The one-month course at the Santos Coffee Classification School is intensive with the two-hour classes being held Monday to Friday, usually in the evenings. Participants receive complete instruction on the history of coffee in Brazil and all phases of Brazilian coffee - from growing to exporting, including legislation and price calculations. The main emphasis is practical information, with daily sessions of grading and tasting the different types, standards, and origins of Brazilian coffee. At the conclusion of the course at the Santos Coffee Classification School, a test is held and the participants receive a diploma and official coffee classifiers certificate, which are presented at a special session of the Santos Commercial Association.

The course is open during different months of the year for a total of 25 participants each session. There is a nominal fee to participate, which includes related literature. The Santos Coffee Classification School also has a well-stocked library for additional coffee research.

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