Sa Farinera in Can Pastilla, Majorca, Spain | Grill Restaurant

Sa Farinera in Can Pastilla, Mallorca on the Balearic Islands in Spain is a place full of flavours and memories set in a charming century old flour mill in a perfect state of conservation, and here you enjoy the best meats grilled on a wood fire, the first grill in Mallorca. The best selections of meats are available here served with grilled potatoes and aioli, choices include beef, ostrich and pork sirloin, T-bone steaks, rabbit and pork loin, entrecote lamb ribs, leg of lamb chops, beef steaks, quails and beef or pork kebabas all perfectly grilled over wood. Sa Farinera with a long history going back presents a rustic and beautiful setting, exquisite meals and an enjoyment for all the senses, a must visit.

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Camino Son Fangos,
Can Pastilla
Balearic Islands
(+34) 971 26 20 11
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Grill Restaurant
Historical Building
Flour Mill
Grilled Meats
Wood Fire
Rustic Setting

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