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The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum & Planetarium at Rosicrucian Park has been a fixture of San José life in California, United States, for so long that it is difficult to conceive of a time without it. Hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors to Northern California have experienced "history coming alive" through the exhibits, tours, lectures and other activities at the Rosicrucian Eqyptian Museum & Planetarium.  How did this landmark come to be here in the Valley first known for citrus and prunes, and now famous for silicon chips?

From the beginning of the work of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC in the 20th century, Egypt loomed large. From 1915 to 1927, at the Order's early headquarters in New York City, San Francisco and Tampa Dr. Lewis, the first Imperator of AMORC began to collect artifacts from "the Orient," through the generosity of members.

In 1921, Dr. Lewis urged Order members to support the excavations of the Egypt Explorations Society of Boston in Tell el Amarna, the city of the King Akhenaten and as a result garnered a significant funds for the project.

In gratitude, the Egypt Explorations Society donated several artifacts from their finds. After the Rosicrucian Eqyptian Museum & Planetarium's  headquarters settled in its present  San Jose CA, location, Dr. Lewis conceived of a public collection, "The Rosicrucian Egyptian Oriental Museum" in 1928. He had glass cases for the artifacts built in a lounge area of the second floor of the Administration building.

The 21st century  at Rosicrucian Eqyptian Museum & Planetarium looks promising with new exhibits, tours, and workshops, continuing research and scholarship, and a perennial commitment to education and service.

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