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River Safari in beautiful Blue River, British Columbia, Canada offers offers exciting one hour River Safaris and adventures aboard their specially designed boats, come explore the only inland rainforest in the world, it's a fascinating experience along Grizzly Bear valley where the bears decide for how long you stop. There's always wildlife watching from the riverbanks as you glide up small rivers through waters only inches deep, knowledgeable guides offer a wonderful narrative and point out the bears, glaciers and waterfalls from the snow capped mountains. River Safari offer adventures by boat or jeep, or a combination of both in a super safari, they also have a unique forest to table floating restaurant where you get to enjoy a special menu featuring wild salmon, game, berries and greens, come eat like the bears do, it's an unforgettable experience.

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6080 Mud Lake Forest Service Rd,
Blue River
British Columbia
+1 250-673-2309
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Floating Restaurant
Inland Rainforest
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Grizzly Bears
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