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After meeting Pedro in town we arrived at his Restaurant for a New Year‚??s feast, and ate a wonderful dish of raw tuna flavoured with balsamic, then an exquisite lobster. When it came time for dessert we thought we couldn‚??t eat another bite, but the banana tart won me over. Our best meal in Cape Verde and one of my favourites in a long time. Tom Downey, New York
Great food made me happy & fat!
EVERYTHING that we had tonight was fantastic! We hope you have a happy new year and cute baby soon!
Chie Ushio, Japan

We had a very wonderful dinner, with flavours mixed with oriental & occidental. Everything was perfect, from the decorations of the Restaurant, to the lightning, to the music to the food, especially. I have to say banana with fish is really out of this world!! Also the dessert is extraordinary, a simple rich chocolate mousse with a bit of spicy and salty taste! I have travelled many places & tried many Restaurants, but I have to say these recipes are very original and delightful. Wish all the best to the success of this Restaurant!
Ventina Tse, Hong Kong

We really enjoyed the food and the Restaurant. It has been the best meal we‚??ve had on Cape Verde.
Ray Maxwell, UK

An exciting Restaurant ‚?? we just had a starter- due to lack of time. We will definitely return!
Anders og Gudrun Grindala, Norway

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