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The menu of the Restaurant is based on genuine and careful Galician home-made cooking. Fresh and suculent meat from Lugo, such as the excellent shoulder of pork stands out in relief. Every year Manolito's celebrates some well-known gastronomic days where exquisite elvers, lamprey, delightful game meat, young lamb, Galician stew and shoulder of pork with turnip tops are served.
Its delicious sweet courses such as cakes, cheese pies and the traditional filloas (typical Galician pancakes) are wholly made from selected natural products.
The very best wines from Galicia, La Rioja, Rivera del Duero (Duero riversides) and Navarra also appear in the wine list of the Restaurant.
House speciality: young lamb, turbot in Orujo (all-Galician liquor destilled from grape refuse) or sea-bass in cider vinegar.

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Fernández Latorre, No. 116,
La Coruna
981 230 102
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