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The Restaurant Marie Terezie, which was newly established by our M.R.T. Company in both old and inhabitable cellars in 1992, gained its tradition throughout its existence.
It is situated at 23 Na Pøíkopì Street, Rath passage, which is the centre of business life in Prague and this Restaurant is predetermined for business and work lunches and suppers but also as the pleasant stop and refreshment during doing shopping in the centre of Prague.
Our Restaurant offers typical Czech food, especially ducks, trout, carps, la minute food and desserts. Our specialities are The Bowl of Marie Teresie and The Bowl of Prague pork butcher, fruit dumplings and pancakes with blueberries and with the cream. There is a large range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, Moravian wine, light and dark Krušovice beer, furthermore non-alcoholic and yeast beer and various kinds of coffee. Our Restaurant MARIE TERESIE is also able to give bashes according to your wish, wedding or graduation receptions.

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Na pøíkopì 23,
Czech Republic
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