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Restaurant Hotel Bergeret Sport in Hendaye, Pyrenees-Atlantiques, France | Restaurant

MR GEORGES BERGERET - He is the managerof the hotel owned by his family since 1921. After his studies, he worked at Pau, at the "Royal Place" in a Restaurant named CHAMPAGNE, owned by Mr and Mrs Histilloles. During his military service, he succeeded in joining the ROYAL MARINE as a cook and was embarked for the Pacific Ocean. Soon after, at Paris, he showed his cooking talents at famous Restaurants like LA TOUR EIFFEL, DRUOUT, PRONY and ALSACE, and LA SOCIETE DES CUISINERS.
In some of these places he was the responsable cook on duty. He was even employed by ANDRE DAGUIN, responsable of the number one of gastronomic Restaurants at that time at his Restaurant in Auch. In 1981, he returned to the region of his originS where he takes the head of the team of cooks at GRETA PAYS BASQUE, a centrer of professional education.
In 1988, together with his wife Marie-Carmen and his children Jessica and Cyril, he took over the management of the HOTEL BERGERET SPORT owned by his family. It is a place where you can meet Jean, Jacqueline, René and other loyal clients who come back here for many years. They appreciate the warm welcome and the atmosphere of this comfortable hotel which is always up to improve its rooms for the well-being of the customers.

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