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Welcome to Recording Data Service, your one-stop shop in Burbank, California in the United States, for all your recording needs. At Recording Data Service we realize that time is all too often of the essence. Our friendly, knowledgeable, efficient team unites to bring you the recording products you need, when you need them, each and every time you order. Whether it's a session shortage emergency, an overnight shipment, or a request for an obscure new product, you can depend on us to do our very best to take care of all your needs. Whether tracking to analog 2" or backing up your Pro Tools session you can be sure we have what you need.
Thousands of music/TV/film industry professionals have counted on our staff for years to make their lives easier.
Recording Data Service is new in name only, with staff experience of forty years in the pro market, dealing with manufacturers, vendors, labels, studios, artists, producers, engineers, and management firms.
For pro audio, we provide analog, firewire drives, media, and studio supplies.
While known mostly in the music industry, Recording Data Service in Burbank, California, also service film and TV, both for production and post, including studios, independent units, cable channels, anyone needing state-of-the-art media and drives.
In addition to entertainment venues, we also provide archive-grade media for a variety of sectors, universities, libraries, school systems, hospitals, medical/dental groups, financial institutions, branches of the military, as well as municipal, county, state, and federal government.
The philosophy at Recording Data Service is service above all. When you call, you get a human voice, not a phone menu. When you need something, we provide it. If we don't have it, we'll get it. If we can't get it, we'll find a place where you can obtain it. When you call, we work. Count on it.

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