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Queen Margarets School was founded by Miss Norah Creina Denny and Miss Dorothy Rachel Geoghegan. These two ladies had made an initial attempt at teaching before being brought together, and their common interest in Guides helped greatly towards establishing their lifelong friendship.

When they took that first step to open their own School, they had little idea what the future held for either of them! Their dream was to "send students out into the world with the stamp of the School (QMS) upon them, and its ideas in their hearts", (Beyond All Dreams, p22). "Miss Denny and Miss Geoghegan provided a vivid demonstration of how women could be strong, independent and self-assured. We were confronted with a constant demonstration that we were all capable of certain achievement, all capable of service and all capable of realizing ourselves as complete individuals" (Beyond All Dreams, p266). Miss Denny and Miss Geoghegan owned and administered Queen Margarets School until September 1st 1953, when they turned it over to a Trust Company as a non-profit organization.

Our dynamic community thrives because we are so aware of the links between an engaging learning environment and strong academic performance. Diverse learning opportunities that include Fine Arts, Athletics, Community Service and at Queen Margarets School, Riding are clearly connected to strong character development. Our positive learning and living culture emphasizes the relationship between our efforts and reaching our goals.

To those hoping to join us at Queen Margarets School, Duncan, we are looking forward to getting to know you better.

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