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Nestled along a cobblestone-covered street of Baku, Azerbaijan, adjoining the Maiden's Tower is where the Qiz Qalasi Art Gallery is located.
Qiz Qalasi Art Gallery a private Art Gallery, and consists of three exhibition halls, designed in a modern style. Qiz Qalasi Art Gallery also have a souvenir shop adjacent to the gallery.
People visiting Qiz Qalasi Art Gallery get a good opportunity to follow the development of Azerbaijan Arts of the 20th century. Artists of all generations are represented here. The top priorities in choosing the works for gallery are the profession skill of the artists, variety, and work of high principals.
A casual sale-exhibition comprised of works of Azerbaijan artists and sculptors are held every   30-40 days.
Since September 2000 souvenir shop adjacent to gallery is in operation. Guests and residents of Baku
Souvenir shop Qiz Qalasi keeps ties with craftsmen of applied arts from Georgia and Uzbekistan. can purchase the following samples of modern decorative arts of Azerbaijan: carpets and carpet goods, ceramic wares, embroidery items, dolls in national dresses - reflecting the culture of different regions of the country, carving, souvenirs samples of plain weapons.

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6 Gulle str. Baku
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