Puhvet Aptek in Parnu, Parnu County, Estonia | Nightclub

Puhvet Aptek is a bar and Nightclub in Parnu, Estonia with medical and health theme, and as they say, leave your liver, your spleen, stomach and other major organs in their care, and your heart and soul shall be filled with freedom, it's a powerful antidote to fun and adventure. The old pharmacy opened as a bar and now offers different rooms with billiard tables and interesting decor and furniture, and they cater regular events for young and old. This cocktail bar, pharmacy, club is the best place to play on weekends with colleagues and friends, and they serve excellent cocktails, refreshing drinks and great music, Puhvet Aptek has a big summer terrace and even host live bands, they welcome you to a truly different experience with enjoyable atmosphere, unique old style pharmacy furniture and much more.

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Rüütli 40,
Estonia Regions
+372 5692 6642
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Old Pharmacy
Billiard Tables
Pharmacy Themed
Summer Terrace
Live Bands

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