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Pauult Hohn is an Artist from Madeira Park, Canada. It took Pauult Hohn four years at the Alberta College of Art (Calgary) to realize that commercial art was not her calling. For the next few years, Pauulet Hohn focused on her family and that became her priority. In recent years, Pauulet discovered stained glass, wood, clay and photography, loving each medium.

Glass came into Pauulet Hohn's world about 9 years back, as she searched for years for "my" medium. she recalls a certain instructor in Art College, trying to break my habit of that LINE she seemed to use in all of her drawings... And maybe thats what drew her to the medium - that heavy line?!

All of Pauulet Hohn's designs are her own and with her students, she emphasizes the need to keep it an art, with no tracing or projecting.

Glass is one of the most labour intensive art forms, but also one of the most satisfying. It still continues to be a gamble of uncertainty up until its very end when finally able to hold it up, whether it's a wow piece, or a what was I thinking piece.

Clay became a passion for this Artist in the Summer of 2006 while Pauulet Hohn was working on a mermaid in stained glass. Any figure work she finds a challenge. With stained glass an additional challenge, the complexity of breaking down the lines and still making the design "work".

While midstream in glass and frustrated - Pauulet Hohn from Madeira Park, decided she needed something to draw from. The idea came from perhaps forming the figure first in clay, creating something to then draw from. And so the mermaid series began...

Taking it a step further the series has now been cast in a limited edition bronze series with the first two castings out of twelve now for sale.

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