O'Learys in Mora, Dalarna, Sweden | Sports Bar

O'Learys in Mora, Dalarna, Sweden is a genuine American Sports Bar and expansive restaurant chain with it's heart still back in Boston, come for the original concept now refined and developed, a meMorable time awaits. Here they serve great food with inspiration taken from many parts of the world, and freshly prepared by professional chefs ensures a sublime dining experience with generous portions. O'Learys are also the first restaurant chain in Nordic countries to serve Oumph! dishes, a delicious new raw food commodity made from soy, and it's wholesome climate smart food that is taste and vegetarian, vegan friendly, come visit for the food, the sports, the meMorabilia, the entertainment, it's all here and so much more.

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Vasagatan 38,
Dalarna County
+46 250 386 78
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Sports Bar
Great Menu
Professional Chefs
Generous Portions

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