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Mr. Muredach Doherty is a Solicitor in practice in a small Solicitors office in the centre of Dublin City, near St. Stephen's Green. You will get a personal service when you use Murdach Doherty & Co, because we know all our clients personally. When you contact us, you will get a response within 24 hours.
Muredach Doherty & Co supplies a full Legal service to include conveying property, residential and commercial, family law and litigation where you have to take someone to Court because of a dispute, or for personal injuries.   Muredach Doherty & Co also do probate work and wills, and we witness Oaths on documents. 
In conveyancing Muredach Doherty & Co  will supply a same day estimate on enquiry.    We simply need the price of the property and its general location.   The estimate will almost always be the same as the final Fee Note, because most of the costs are foreseeable.
In family law, Muredach Doherty & Co always tries to settle matters fairly, but we will put forward a robust case for our clients if necessary.   You will find our costs reasonable.
In litigation we employ specialist barristers to present your case, but again, we always try to settle cases fairly.

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