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A little bit of history...
This legendary character created in 1908 by Jean Aicard was well know for his exploits from the " Maures" massive to the surrondings of "L'Esterel".
From Bormes to Cogolin, from Collobrière to Mayons, the hills had no secrets for him.
Great hunter, he organized huntings to which notables ans the chef administrator use to participate. He influenced the local and even departmental political life.
Poacher, with his friend Parlo Soulet, he mystified the police, back then, by moving very quickly. The policeman Alessandri was raging against the fact he couldn't arrest him because Maurin was his principal rival in the conquest of Tonia la Corsoise heart.
Lots of pretty ladies forgot all about their spouses and situation in order to flirt with our character who had style ans presence. But this success made jealousy rise, and once, he was betrayed, he was shot down by his lover who couldn't forgive his infidelity.
Since then, lots of in habitants of the Maures would like to experience the same things our legendary Maurin did. But is this legend or reality ?
In the "Maurin des Maures" dining room, with a fine dish prepared by the Chef and a bottle of Côtes de Provence, facing the splendid painting representing the running away from the police, you could almost believe that heroes never die.
Built in 1920's, the "bar-tabac" was the place where workers used to come and rest.
Situated in the center of the village, after the war it was the place to be which meant where every thing happened, dances, parties, reunions...
And now the Restaurant welcomes the "gourmets" from all over.

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