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Manheim Auctions, Saltash, United Kingdom, is a well established Auction Centre and has served the remarketing needs of local dealers and fleet operators for over 15 years. Manheim Auctions occupies purpose-built premises. The 4-acre site holds twice weekly Auctions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with entries regularly around 200 vehicles in each Auction.

Manheim Auctions, Saltash, has a national network of  an eighteen car Auction Centre and 3 online sales channels, Manheim offers more than 400,000 cars every year. Over 50 sales a week on behalf of manufacturers, dealer groups, contract hire & leasing companies, finance houses and local utilities, cater for all buyers’ requirements.

Manheim Auctions is the largest motorbike Auction company in the UK - offering up to 5,000 motorbikes a year through its dedicated sales programme at its Auction Centre in Mansfield, United Kingdom.

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Burraton Road, Saltash, Cornwall
United Kingdom
0870 252 0421
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