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The Original Malvina House was built on this site in the 188os by John James Felton, who had arrived in the Falklands in 1849 at the age of eight, when his father, Sergeant-Major Henry Felton of the Life Guards, accompanied a detachment of military pensioners sent as settlers to the infant colony.
John James became a sheep farmer, having been granted in 1871 the lease on Teal Inlet, which he named Evelyn Station, after his eldest daughter. Malvina House was so named after his youngest daughter born in 1881, a photograph of whom hangs in the hallway of the Hotel. (Malvina is an old Scottish name, once popular in the Falklands, and is unconnected with the Argentine name for the Islands).
In the late 1960s the old Malvina House was demolished and the new one built. The only part of the original house surviving is the conservatory at the east end, now the restaurant. It is situated on Ross Road in the centre of town and has glorious views across the harbour.

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