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Loxley Cottage Koksijde Belgium- This semi-detached dunes Villa, built in 1913 by Gaston Lejeune, served as a holiday resi-dence and was named after its first owner ‘Jean-Paul’.

Ignace Lootens has transformed it to what is now the ‘Loxley Cottage we see before us. The Villa has been fully renovated to the original Arts & Crafts style, especially visible in the cosy living room on the first floor, that now serves as bar to the residence.

Every room has kept its original partition in the house, not to disturb the warm feel to this dunes Villa and to insure a homely night’s stay. The position of the house garantees subsiding winds and sunstruck rooms throughout the day.

The fountain, designed by Jean-Paul Belmonte, creates peacefull sounds and reas-suring tranquillity.

Loxley Cottage is a must see when staying in Koksijde...

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