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Giuseppe Gatta, descendant of Baron Von Gatta, was born in Caravaggio, Italy, infamous for the Painter Michelangelo Merisi.

Captain G. was born with cooking in his blood. After graduating from the Hotel College in San Pellegrino Terme in Italy, he completed a one year apprentice at the famous five star Hotel Excelsior in Lugano, Switzerland, and then set sail for high adventure on the seas with the S. S. Oceanic and M. N. Doric cruising the Caribbean for seven years. With sun and sea, he fell in love with the indomitable and beautiful Susanna.

Giving up his sea legs, he went into the Princess Hotel on Bermuda where success led to a reward in the shape of an opportunity to manage his own Restaurant on Grand Cayman. So with his new bride by his side he landed in the Cayman Islands and took charge of the finest Restaurant on the island (at that time). But within Giuseppe there has always been a quest for bigger and tougher challenges. These came in the guise of new Restaurants which he and his boss started. In time, they spied The Lighthouse Restaurant and saw clearly the potential for an exquisite dining experience on the shores of Breakers. The challenge was immense and every facet of the Restaurant was discussed and the theme for an overall effect, chosen. A love affair with the sea and ocean liners transcended into the nautical theme for the Restaurant menu, and the staff uniforms lend a touch of 1930's charm and sophistication.
Within weeks Giuseppe became Captain G., the maitre d' and restaurateur.

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