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Lesic Dimitri Palace in Korcula, Dubrovnik-Neretva, Croatia | Hotel

Welcome to Lesic Dimitri Palace, Korcula, Croatia. Lesic Dimitri Palace was presented, for the first time, at the recent seminar on “The importance of special interests tourism for sustainable development”, organised by the Korcula Tourist Board on 18 November 2007 in Korcula Town. By meticulously reconstructing the Palace into a high-end apart-Hotel, restaurant and spa, Lesic Dimitri Ltd aims to create a new tourist offering in Korcula, which will enrich the island’s current provision and, hopefully, help to attract an increased number of affluent visitors. Lesic Dimitri Palace,Hotel is situated within the heart of the historic and beautiful medieval town of Korcula, next to the house of Marco Polo. The Palace will comprise six luxurious residences, which range in size from 50 sqm to 162 sqm, a multi-treatment room spa and restaurant. The interior design of the Lesic Dimitir Palace enhances and enriches – without intruding on or compromising – the historic fabric of Lesic Dimitri Palace. Indeed, it is the exquisite detailing of the design that sets Lesic Dimitri Palace apart from the rest of the Hotels in Korcula.

From the handcrafted furniture to the latest technological amenity, the fully furnished residences offer everything the guests might desire. The experience is enhanced by the restaurant and spa, which also offer the highest standards of service. The Palace will provide an extensive activity and excursions programme and access to the Palace’s private boats. Through Lesic Dimitri, Korcula will finally have a means of presenting itself as a luxury destination to an international market, whose expectations for higher levels of accommodation and standards are ever increasing.

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