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Welcome to Larson's Lunch Box located in Damariscotta, Maine, United States. Larson's Lunch Box has been a favorite takeout stand on the coast of Maine for over forty years. Customers love our plentiful lobster, crab, shrimp and chicken salad rolls as well as our charbroiled burgers made fresh every morning. We have something for everyone in the family at very affordable prices. Simply enjoy eating at our picnic tables or take it away to your favorite place on the Pemaquid Penisula. We look forward to your visit.
In 2005, Billy and Barb, decided to buy Larson's Lunch Box while living in Southern Nevada. Ironically, five years prior, before moving west, they had visited Larson's Lunch Box and thought to themselves that it would be great to own a place like The Lunch Box some day. Their wish came true in late 2004 when the opportunity to buy Larson's Lunch Box arose.
In 2006, Larson's Lunch Box reopened in Damariscotta, Maine. It became apparent very early on, that everyone wanted the old Larson's Lunch Box to return. Billy and Barb reinstated many of the old favorites and added a few new ones.
At the Lunch Box they keep keep things simple, fun and affordable. It's the perfect summer stop. We hope you can stop by and enjoy a visit to one of Maine's favorite roadside's stands.

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