Lann Bihoué in Etretat, Seine-Maritime, France | Restaurant

Restaurant Lann Bihoué located at Etretat in Normandy All our crepes and wafers are made artisanalement and by request.
Crack our caramel with the salted butter or our true chantilly...
An artisanal past which is translated as the selection of the raw materials to conditioning, by a "quality spirit" whose products are the perfect reflection: an optimal freshness obtained thanks to a rigorous selection of the raw materials. Concerned of the quality and the freshness of our products, our Establishment is controlled by independent laboratory AGROQUAL. The pancake shop Lann Bihoue was selectionnée in the Guide of Routard 2006 and the GEOGUIDE 2006.

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45, rue Notre-Dame
02 35 27 04 65
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