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La Mesa in Warwick, Warwickshire, UK cook in a contemporary manner doing just what tastes good, and with their clever food dynamics they have a hit, it's called the new wave of cuisine. Their food doesn't follow a concept or formula, even a country of origin, apart from a touch of Spain, and every evening they prepare a tasting menu served with excellent wines, being small, unique and independent, booking is essential. La Mesa has no fixed menu, come be delighted and surprised by the culinary delights passionate owner and chef Gerald prepares, it all depends on the fresh produce available on the day, but it is exquisite in simplicity and complex in flavours, come for really good food and your dining pleasure.

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5B Old Square,
United Kingdom
+44 7528 080151
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Contemporary Cuisine
Culinary Delights
Tasting Menu
Excellent Wines
Fresh Produce

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