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Welcome to Kuchnia Restaurant, in Gdansk, Poland.   Kuchnia Restaurant is cheerful Russian Restaurant is slap bang on Dlugi Targ, Gdansk's most historic street.    In summer you can sit outside with a plate of blinis and take in the view of the magnificent merchant houses that run the length of the thoroughfare.   In winter you can hide away in the cozy, folksy interior of  Kuchnia Restaurant and tuck into a steaming plate of beef stroganoff.   What could be better to ward off the cold winds outside?
Gdansk has a pretty good cross section of restaurants, but Kuchnia Restaurant finds a solid niche in the Dlugi Targ market with comfortable setting and quality food and portions.
We invite you to experience the spirit of Gdansk while enjoying the food and hospitality of Kuchnia Restaurant.   Enjoy the unforgettable flavors which do honor to your dining experience.   We are happy to welcome you and provide you with a truly enjoyable dining experience.

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ul. Dlugi Targ 11
Pomeranian Voivodeship
+48 (58) 3012735
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