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 From 1299 to 1308 a bath house stood on the site of the Klassik Altstadt Hotel. In the early 17th century the house was owned by the city of Lübeck. It was later turned into an anchor smithy run by Nic H. Rohlfien the elder. The smithy was managed by the Recke family between 1830 and 1885; initially by the father, before the son took over the business in 1864.

In 1979 the old historic town house was bought by the Hilgeland-Hoffmann family and run as a Hotel. In 1984 the entire building, with the exception of the listed façade, was demolished and rebuilt in the typical style of old Lübeck. The late classical façade was lovingly reconstructed.

Today the Klassik Altstadt Hotel has 28 classical Romantic rooms and one conference room that possesses a special charm of its own. You can arrange your seminar or workshop in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, overlooking the rooftops of Lübeck. The Klassik Aldstadt Hotel is already a popular meeting place and much in demand by visitors to this Hanseatic city of Germany who are interested in culture, as well as artists who enjoy the homely atmosphere. All our visitors are all looked after with a personal touch.

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