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Welcome to Ital Decor Limited in Burnaby, British Columbia in Canada, blending old world craftsmanship with new world performance.
Ital Decor Limited builds on yesterday's heritage to become the only resource in Vancouver for traditional moldings, sculptures, building ornamentations and decorative plasters.
Offering a unique skill the result of years of training and experience, the Ital Decor Limited touch can be seen in hundreds of homes, businesses, galleries, museums, and commercial buildings.
Owner, Joe Tinucci, who learned his craft in Italy and has worked at it since the age of 12, produces original statues, moldings and decorative plasters and has become well known for his mastery and artistic originality.
Now working with his two sons, Roberto and Mario, the Tinucci family of Ital Decor Limited in Burnaby, British Columbia, have worked on such major restoration projects as The Orpheum Theatre Stage and West Hall, reproduced the extensive decorative plasters and moldings, The Vancouver Hotel, reproduced the B.C. Coat of Arms at the Hornby Street entrance and completed the plaster ornament decoration in the lobby.
Working out of his workshop, located at 6886 East Hastings Street in Burnaby, British Columbia, Joe Tinucci and his family use plaster, cement, stone, marble and fibreglass to create the original works of art and sculpture and the clever reproductions that adorn some of the most prestigious buildings in Vancouver.

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6886 E. Hastings Street
British Columbia
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