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Welcome to Invisible Heating Systems, Ullapool, Scotland. Over twelve years ago, Invisible Heating Systems, Ullapool was one of the first companies to introduce properly designed underfloor Heating systems to the UK market. Almost six years ago, our senior engineers started investigating how to incorporate renewable technologies into existing Heating systems. Our goal was to develop complete Heating and cooling systems - fully integratable, yet offering the customer the choice to select individual elements to suit their own requirements. Over the years,we've worked very closely with our partners and suppliers in Austria, Holland and Germany to develop high quality systems that are both energy and cost-efficient.
Invisible Heating Systems comprises a group of people from all backgrounds and nationalities conducting a wide range of work including system design, technical drawing, technical sales and support, commissioning and advice and consulation. We have a nationwide database of proven installers who are fully familiar with all aspects of our systems.
Customers who purchased underfloor Heating over ten years ago have found that they can add on a heat pump without having to upgrade or change their original system in any way.
We've installed these systems ourselves at our headquarters in the Scottish Highlands (a newly constructed office) and at our Midlands office in Staffordshire (where we fitted our heat pump system with radiators into an old farmhouse). We want to be completely familiar with our own systems, know everything about them and continue to develop their potential.
We believe that we truly are ahead of the game in terms of the expertise we've built up over the years. We're regularly called on to provide consultancy services across the industry - we advise on renewable, efficiency and energy matters to consultants, architects, builders, plumbers, electricians and government bodies.

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