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Welcome to Ian Edwards, Rolf Therapy, Stonehaven, Scotland. Ian Edwards - Rolf Therapy One of only two Advanced Rolf Practitioners in Scotland and Stonehaven.   The founder of this work, Dr Ida P. Rolf originally named her work Structural Integration.

Her work has been nicknamed Rolfing and the word Rolfing is widely used in the media with reference to her work of Structural Integration. It is also known as ''The Rolf Method of Structural Integration''. www.rolftherapy.co.uk

The Guild for Structural Integration has always instructed their students in the way Dr Ida P. Rolf would have expected. This is a form of hands on body work that assists the human body in moving to a place of better balance, better organisation, greater overall freedom, ease of movement, less stress and wholeness.

Structural Integration is a scientifically validated process of restructuring the body through movement, touch, and education. The field of gravity is an unseen force that is consistently interacting with the human body -- Structural Integration aims to re-educate the human body so that it lives and moves in harmony within the field of gravity rather than being at war with gravity.

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