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Cesenatico was built by neighbouring Cesena as a maritime ontlet for its trade. As long ago as the early 1500s the great Leonardo da Vinci was
planning harbour reinforcements.
Clustered around the harbour
is the Old Town, with its low pastel coloured houses and the unique "conserve": here you will see "ice-houses" for fish storage.
Along the harbour you can see
the interesting Maritime Museum
This floating maritime collection is the only example of its kind in Italy; the unmissable symbol of Cesenatico today is the fleet of brightly coloured sailing boats moored in the middle of the rivers.
The Hotel's private beach is near from the Hotel, and 1 beach umbrella and 2 sunchairs are included in the prices.
Both sea and beaches in Cesenatico are ideal for all ages, even for toddlers, who can play happily and safely on a soft sandy beach which slopes down gently towards the sea.
For them, but also for boys
and girls of all ages, mums and dads. Cesenatico offers a real holiday for everyone looking for relaxation and enjoyment, in an environment which is still able to provide respect for nature,
comfort and quality services.

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