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The Punta Negra Hotel looks out directly onto the sea front. The low level, typically Mediterranean architecture featuring spacious terraces, blends well into the beautiful natural surroundings.

As you cast your eyes over the sandy white beach surrounded by high cliffs, you will undoubtedly be overcome by a wealth of emotions. In the background you can admire the wondrous gulf with the view over the harbour and the historical centre of the charming, colourful Catalan town of Alghero.

The Hotel has recently been renovated, and now boasts beautiful, pastel-coloured, light green and pink, stucco walls to match the decorative pink ceramic floor tiles. The same colours have been used to blend in with the tablecloths and furniture.

Inside the rooms, the doors and furniture are green, red and natural wood. The curtains and drapery are decorated with traditional Sardinian designs.

The Punta Negra Hotel is a three-storey coastal building. The ground floor is divided into two parts: one wing is given over to a spacious lounge, a snack bar a, restaurant and the kitchen, whilst the second wing contains bedrooms. The first and the second floors are devoted entirely to bedrooms, half of which have balconies overlooking the sea, and the other half of which face onto a beautiful pine forest.

The Hotel has a total of ninety-three rooms all equipped with air conditioning, mini bar, colour TV and en-suite bathroom.

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