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Hotel Mayari in Calabardina, Aguilas, Murcia, Spain is a small and enchanting Country Hotel with beautiful beaches and the countryside right on their doorstep, and there are eight rooms in total, individually designed with choicies of double and singles and excellent facilities. Enjoy personal attention at all times, peace and relaxation, there's a cafe bar which opens to terraces with stunning sea views and cultural activities here include exhibitions, Spanish classes and a small library service. Hotel Mayari reflect beautiful architectural details of the old houses of the region, and the vibrant colours and antique brickwork, tiles, blue shutters, pathways and terraces reinforce the buildings classical Mediterranean air, come for an unforgettable stay in beautiful surrounds, and enjoy local leisure pursuits like cycling, scuba diving and more.

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Río de Janeiro 14, Calabardina
Region of Murcia
(0034) 968 419 748
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Country Hotel
Cafe Bar
Sea Views
Library Service
Antique Brickwork

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