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Hotel Faber founded in 1932 and is managed by two brothers from the Faber family. These brothers, Hans and Martin, are from the third generation of the family.
Hotel Faber is full of atmosphere and located in beautiful Zandvoort. Situated near the sea and the beach you can enjoy every season. In the summer you can take a dip in the sea and in the winter you can take a nice walk on the beach.
Enjoy a nice dinner from our kitchen or go out to one of the many restaurants Zandvoort has.
Hotel Fabers ambiance is domestic, stylish and warm. We think a pleasant atmosphere is very important, this shows in our interior. For example the rooms are stylishly decorated with paintings.
For your stay to be as comfortable as possible we will be at your service.
Hope to see you soon in Hotel Faber!

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Kostverlorenstraat 15
North Holland
0 (031) 23 57 12 825
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