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Hotel Cristallo, together with its staff, is delighted to welcome you to L?Aquila, in the area known as Fonte Cerreto, Abruzzo in Italy.

Hotel Cristallo, become the meeting place for all Gran Sasso visitors. We have 19 comfortable rooms and two suites, all with private bathrooms, TV, radio and mini-refrigerator. The Hotel is also graced by a restaurant serving the traditional local cuisine, presented with refined skill. Our scenic and picturesque banquet-hall directly faces the base of Gran Sasso, from where it?s possible to admire it in all its majesty. The conference room is outfitted with all the equipment necessary for your meetings: videoprojector with screen, audio system, wi-fi connection and personnel support. Either for your breakfast or after having spent a day in the mountains, visit our snack bar (tabacchi); you can sample fresh and delicious sandwiches, warm yourself with our assortment of hot chocolates and flavored teas or begin the evening with our delicious aperitivi (appetizers). Come and see us to spend a pleasant stay together.

The rooms of Hotel Cristallo in L'Aquila are furnished with simplicity and taste. Particular care is given to the cleanliness of our premises, guaranteeing our clients maximum comfort. We offer single rooms, double rooms and also triple rooms to satisfy every need of our clients.

Hotel Cristallo rooms are large and airy thanks to windows in each of them, all also have private bathroom, TV and wi-fi internet. Our beds are appealing and comfortable, you?ll feel as if you?re at home, where you can feel content and relaxed after an intense day of enjoyable experiences.

Our restaurant is ready for every occasion, from a romantic dinner to a business breakfast, but it?s also perfect for wedding banquets, baptisms, communions and private parties.

Hotel Cristallo Winery - Our restaurant has always maintained a culturally avant-guarde policy when choosing the wines to accompany our dishes. Mainly, wines from our region are suggested, like Montepulciano D?Abruzzo, Il Pecorino or Il Trebbiano. Without doubt, the wine most ordered is Montepulciano D?Abruzzo; a red wine, strong and full of body, well-suited to our grilled and red meats. We also have a wide variety of white wines and champagnes to toast or celebrate your successes.

THE COUNTRYSIDE of Abruzzo offers:
Il Gran Sasso D'Italia; La Stazione Sciistica
La Città DelL'Aquila; Il Lago di Campotosto
Santo Stefano di Sessanio; Gli Sport Invernali

The highest peaks, the best systems, the widest and most exhilarating slopes of the Apennines: these are the offerings of Abruzzo for those passionate for snow. A skiers? paradise, for sure, but not only: snowboarding, Alpine Skiing, snow rafting, sledding, dogsledding, long-distance Skiing, all find in Abruzzo wide, open spaces and riveting courses. For long-distance Skiing, for example, there are over one thousand scenic and engrossing trails immersed in nature, beautiful and wild........

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Skiing & Snowboarding
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