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Welcome to the Hotel Corinthia-Baska, Croatia, which consists of 3 parts.

The Hotel is located at the sea and was constructed in three phases. Together with its central nucleus, which was terminated in 1999, the Hotel is the heart of tourism in this magic part of the Adriatic. The continuous renewal of the Hotel Corinthia-Baska with the purpose of

giving the best possible service, the best possible food and recreation is rewarded with the increasing number of visitors and the prolonged touristic season until the autumn months.

Many of the Hotel rooms have terraces with a beautiful views of the sea. You basically walk out of your room directly into the sea! The Hotel Corinthia-Baska’s interior is cosy and has spacious rooms filled with the smell of the sea, which is brought on by the breeze from the near beach. The air-conditioned reception hall links all the three Corinthia-Baskas and offers a pleasant environment for guests to enjoy. Near the reception there’s the Lobby bar where you can spend time appreciating pleasant moments as well as the beautiful terrace with a view of the park.Every part of the Hotel Corinthia-Baska has air-conditioned restaurants, where you’ll find different traditional Mediterranean food.

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Emila Geistlicha 38, HR-51523 Baska, Otok Krk, Croatia
Primorje-Gorski kotar
+385 51 656111
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