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Hotel Astoria, Brest, Bretagne, France

Located 7 minutes on foot from the pier to the islands (Molène Ouessant) and 10 minutes from the train station, the Hotel Astoria offers lovely and comfortable rooms in pastel tones. Your stay at Hotel Astoria Hotel promises to be truly pleasant and relaxing due to perfect sound-proofing of all the rooms that guarantees genuine serenity. This Hotel combines comfort and functionality.

The Finistère region will never cease to amaze you. Land of excursion par excellence you will be able to discover it on foot, riding horse, bicycle or canoe. Between innovations and traditions, the Finistere cultural and historical heritage are displayed in various open sky or covered museums.

And for gorgeous destinations around Bretagne, embark without further ado on a voyage between land, sky and sea starting from the Ponant. If you plan to visit Ushant, Sein or Molene, we offer a discount on ticket rates. A garage is available with additional expenses (reservation needed)

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9, rue traverse, Brest, Bretagne, France
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