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Welcome to Heritage Harbor Museum, Providence, Rhode Island, United States. The concept of Heritage Harbor Museum was developed and advanced by concerned individuals and a consortium of historical and cultural organizations in the mid-1980s as a means of promoting Providence and Rhode Island history. Through the 1990s, the consortium began making plans for a statewide history Museum. In 1996, the group formed the Heritage Harbor Museum Corporation as a not-for-profit organization to advance the development of the Museum.

Heritage Harbor Museum will be an intergenerational venue where the State's residents will share, learn, appreciate, and be inspired by the lives of past and present generations and their impact on the state, the nation, and the world. The complex heritage of Rhode Island and the surrounding region will be showcased through engaging exhibits, programs, and activities on site and off.

As one of 145 participating organizations in the Smithsonian Institution Affiliations Program, Heritage Harbor Museum will draw upon the collections and resources of the national Museum. Smithsonian resources will add depth and breadth to our stories and programs, and facilitate Heritage Harbor Museum's quest to "advance knowledge, enhance understanding, and extol human dignity."

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222 Richmond Street, Suite 206, Providence, Rhode Island
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