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Heli-Charlevoix in Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec, Canada and pilots welcome you on-board the Robinson RH44 Raven II, a very safe helicopter with exceptional visibility for all passengers, and can carry three passengers and one pilot. Come see Charlevoix from the air, and discover the breathtaking side of Quebec, they also offer travel by chopper to film shoots and remote areas as well as corporate flights. Take advantage of their Wow Packages, and they will whisk you to secluded splendours, picnickers delights, relaxing at the beach or on top of the mountain. Heli-Charlevoix welcomes you to a unique experience, combining new heights, magic and helicopter flights with tastings, gastronomy and discovery, take to the skies with them and enjoy moments of pure bliss.

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1608, Mgr-de-Laval (Route 138),
+1 418-435-4071
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