The Halmstad Arena in Halmstad, Halland, Sweden | waterpark

The Halmstad Arena is one of the largest water parks in southern Sweden, and you get to enjoy the adventures of water slides, water pistons, wild forks, stream channels, whirlpools, activity pools and more, and the Badcafe serve snacks, sandwiches, burgers, waffles, salads and other delights. This is the perfect venue for children's parties, and in summer they host swimming schools for children, plus Thursday evenings are for adults only to enjoy complete with aroma sauna, body peeling and aromatherapy sessions. The Halmstad Arena also has a gym, ice cream parlour, football field, meeting room, athletics centre and swimming pool, it's all here, you can even rent a pool for bridal shower or birthday party or enjoy a hot tub for the evening.

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Vaxjovagen 11,
+46 35 13 96 55
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Water Slides
Activity Pools
Children's Parties
Swimming Schools
Aroma Saunas
Athletics Centre
Meeting Room

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