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The Hotel Champ-de-Mars is located at the eastern main entrance of the Old Port of Montreal, Canada , on 756 and 764 Berri Street. The street’s name is said to come from Simon Després, known as Le Berry, a wealthy landowner who was killed by Iroquois in 1663. The northern façade of  Hotel Champ-de-Mars is bordered by St-Louis Street, formerly the main road of the little suburb St-Louis, which had developed just outside the fortifications during the 1740’s. The southern façade of the Hotel is bordered by the Parc de Ville-de-la-Flèche, which commemorates Jérôme Le Royer de la Dauversiere’s town of origin. He is the founder of the Société Notre-Dame, an integral force behind the foundation of Montreal in 1643.

The Hotel Champ-de-Mars has, without any doubt, the most charming and original rooms at the most competitive prices in the Old port of  Montreal. This small Hotel, featuring 25 rooms and 1 personalized suite, offers nine different styles of rooms to suit everybody’s taste. Moreover its tastefully decorated rooms come at prices that compete with even the most generic rooms offered by some of the national chains.

Television, phone, air conditioning, private bathroom and a copious American-style breakfast are part of the standard service. You also have access to a full gym.

Open for from 8:00 a.m. to 11 a.m. the Hotel Champ-de-Mars restaurant serves the most satisfying breakfast in Old Montreal.   While guests of the Hotel receive a complimentary American-style breakfast, many others come to enjoy the copious servings at very reasonable prices.With a fully stocked bar and equipped kitchen the restaurant hosted a multitude of events ranging from small family gatherings to large corporate banquets. Our friendly staff are always willing to discuss your party plans and enact scenarios that fit your needs and budget.

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